First Aid Course for Divers

First Aid Course for Divers

Throughout the last decades countless divers from all around the world visited Mirage Divers Dahab to enjoy the magical dive sites of Dahab, Egypt. Creating beautiful, memorable experiences includes the diving center’s organization and handling of logistics and security. Since diving is an activity that requires high safety measurements, we, Mirage Divers, always make sure our staff is well trained and our equipment safe and maintained.

Even though following all security measurements, on rare occasions diving accidents happen sometimes. In those moments time and knowledge matters the most. Since there are no security guards on any of the beaches and diving sites in Dahab, First Aid lies in the hands of the instructors, diving guides and the people who are at the dive site. When accidents happen, usually people are overwhelmed with the situation, are afraid to do something wrong or simply freeze as they don’t know how to help.

Being trained in First Aid can make the deciding difference

Last year Mirage Divers Dahab decided to host an event, which was specifically directed at Dahab’s pick-up drivers. Since most diving sites in Dahab are reached by car, the step of including the drivers into the framework of security is just obvious. Drivers play a crucial role in our day-to-day logistics as diving centers. Without them tanks, equipment and divers wouldn’t be able to reach their dive site easily and smoothly.

Pick-up-drivers invited to participate in free First Aid Course

Initiator and organizer of the event Omar Elshamy targeted specifically pick-up drivers, who work with diving centers throughout Dahab. To train Dahab’s drivers in First Aid would enable them to act quickly and confidently in the case of an accident.

During the event the drivers were introduced to the basics of First Aid by certified First Aid Trainers. After an introduction, the attendants were divided into smaller groups of five. Each group had its own First Aid-instructor, who explained and showed the reanimation process. With the help of a First Aid doll each participant had the chance to practice reanimation in real life.

Course director Dr Abdelrahman Elmekkawy provided the knowledge and an interactive teaching style to get all participants informed and confident in First Aid. Mirage Divers Dahab thanks Dr Abdelrahman Elmekkawy and iDiveTribe for their cooperation in making this event possible.

Responsibility for divers and our community

After the event last year, there has been at least one incident, in which a diver has been rescued by a pick-up-driver on-site, who attended the First Aid Event for drivers at Mirage Divers.

As one of the oldest diving centers in town, Mirage Divers Dahab understands its role not only for our guests but also for our community here in Dahab. Therefore, we plan to repeat the event and train more people in First Aid, because we think saving lives is easier when people on-site are trained and actually know what they’re doing.

We’re happy for every driver who attends the course, as it will help and lead to more safety around diving in Dahab. Just as the event last year, the First Aid course for drivers will be free of charge.

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