Scuba Diving Courses in Dahab

Learn to dive with Mirage Divers, Diving Courses from basic to pro level and even for juniors.

Scuba Diving is the most spectacular way to see the reef and explore the underwater world.

Learning to dive in Dahab by the Red Sea will put a smile on your face and joy in your heart

The memories you take with you will last a lifetime... and we mean that literally.

The Red Sea with its warm waters, superb climate, and breathtaking marine life are all waiting for you in Dahab.

And now... Are you an adventurous spirit who wants to be a diver?!! Or you a diver already and want to improve your diving skills and knowledge?

Well :), we have got it all sorted for you in Mirage Divers as:

  • We offer a wide range of PADI diving courses from basic to pro level and even for juniors.
  • Our team of international instructors teach in many different languages to suit everybody's needs and comfort.
  • Our highly trained staff caters to each individual's needs hoping to make your diving course an unforgettable experience.

Newcomers can try a fully supervised introductory dive or take an open water course to achieve their first qualification. Experienced divers can enjoy specialist diving experiences such as exploring some of the world prime dives sites such as the Canyon and the Blue Hole.

Kids diving courses

Kids Love Dahab and they Love Diving
Get your whole family involved in Scuba Diving
PADI have a superb range of diving courses for the Juniors.
Check out our PADI’s scuba programs for children starting as young as eight years old:

- PADI Bubbelmaker
- PADI Seal Team
- Junior Open Water
- Junior Advanced Diver
- Junior Rescue Diver
- Junior Master Scuba Diver

Beginners diving courses

It all begins here!
Experience your first breath underwater and change your life forever -:)
To become an accomplished certified diver first, we will teach you the fundamentals and then build on these basic skills. You’ll have great fun doing it though!

There are options to experience diving if you don't have much time. You can try a fully supervised introductory dive which takes only a half-day or take the Discover Scuba diving program in one day by doing 2 dives.

And if you are around for a few days, get hooked with too much fun -:) You can be a certified PADI Scuba Diver in only 2 days, or a PADI Open Water Diver in 4 days - the world's most popular scuba diving course which has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle.

Entry-level courses for beginners:

- Scuba Diver Course - 2 days.
- Open Water Course - 4 days.
- Open Water Course - Private - 3 to 4 days.
- Open Water Referral (upgrade to Open Water)
- Open Water Course OnLine with PADI e-Learning, Start now.

Advanced diving courses

Red Sea Exploration, Excitement, Experiences....!!!!!!

They’re what the PADI Advanced courses are all about, and no, you don’t have to be “advanced? to take any of these courses (except for EFR and Rescue) – it’s designed so you can go straight into it after the PADI Open Water Diver course.

At Mirage Divers we run the advanced courses on a very flexible basis, so you can start on any day you like, no minimum number of students required, you can choose your dives and even spread them over few days if you like.

And you can start your course online now before coming down to Dahab.


- Adventure Diver Course - 3 Adventure Dives.
- PADI Advanced Open Water Diver - 5 Adventure Dives.
- PADI EFR Course (Emergency First Response).
- PADI Rescue Diver
- PADI Master Scuba Diver

Specialty diving courses

You can choose what you’re most interested in learning.
Need to work on your buoyancy skills? Try the Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure Dive.
Want to know what you’re looking at down there? Try the AWARE-Fish Identification Adventure Dive.
There is a big range of PADI Specialty courses and the choices are only limited by how much you want to know.

Check out our most popular PADI Specialty courses:

- Enriched Air Diver ( Nitrox)
- Deep Diver Specialty
- Underwater Photographer
- Boat Divers Specialty
- Underwater Navigator Specialty
- Night Divers Specialty
- Drift Diver Specialty
- Peak Performance buoyancy

Professional diving courses

Are you ready to transform your life?

PADI’s Professional-Level Courses for Scuba Diving Leaders and Scuba Instructors

You’ve been a scuba diver for over six months, you may have already attained the Master Scuba Diver rating, and treated yourself to several fun-filled scuba diving vacations —but something’s missing. Then one day you realize that you not only want to participate in scuba diving, but you want to teach the sport you have come to love.

PADI’s Professional-Level Training:

- Lets you do what you love!
- Provides you with professional continuing education options.
- Enables you to meet and network with other dive professionals worldwide.
- Expands your knowledge of scuba gear.
- Provides career opportunities worldwide.
- Teaches you to apply the PADI System to confined water skills, knowledge development presentations, and open water training.
- Helps you expand your knowledge of dive theory.

Open Circuit

- Nitrox
- TDI Sidemount
- Intro to Tech
- Advanced Nitrox
- Deco procedures
- Helitrox
- Extended Range
- Trimix
- Advanced Trimix


- Air Diluent CCR
- Semi-closed Rebreather
- Air Diluent Deco CCR
- Helitrox CCR
- Mixed Gas CCR
- Advanced Mixed Gas CCR


Nitrox Blender
Advanced Blender
Service Tech


- Cavern
- Cavern Discovery
- Intro to Cave
- Full Cave
- Advanced Wreck
- Diver Propulsion Vehicle
- Mine
- Cave Survey
- Stage Cave
- Cave Dpv
- Rebreather Cavern
- Rebreather Intro to Cave
- Rebreather Full Cave

Professional Technical Courses

Non-Diving Specialty Instructor
TDI Divemaster
TDI Instructor