Join us on a Safari Live Aboard adventure and discover the wonders of the Red Sea.

Enjoy comfortable accommodation, delicious food, and explore the best of the Red Sea.

Route: Southern Sinai: Tiran, Thistlegorm, Ras Mohamed. Route pending weather & sea conditions and visa of clients. All passengers must have a valid FULL EGPYPTIAN VISA. 


• A live-aboard week includes 6 days and 7 nights. Embarkation is at or after 18h00 (6 PM) before dinner and disembarkation latest at 08h00 (8 AM) after breakfast.

• Nitrox is available upon pre-booking and for free.


• Itineraries/choice of dive sites are depending on weather and sea conditions, and on the experience of participating divers. Any route may be altered due to sea or weather conditions or mechanical problems, although we will go out of our way to ensure that this does NOT happen. A route might also be altered based on the diving abilities and experience of divers on board at the discretion of the responsible dive guide of the trip. In the unfortunate event that dives are missed or itineraries must be changed due to weather conditions, divers conditions or other unforeseeable changes, no refund or compensation can be granted. Marine Park fees are non-refundable in any case, once the permission is done. All routes are subject to official approval (coast guard, marine police).

 Requirements & Rules on Board:

Each diver must provide upon arrival:

    • Valid passport with full Egyptian visa
    • Diving license and logbook
    • A medical clearance form/ medical statement, which certifies the state of being “Fit to Dive”
    • Proof of a valid diving insurance (not mandatory by law but highly recommended!)


• All divers are required to show valid certification, a logbook and a signed medical statement and fill in a liability release form prior to the boat’s departure.

• If any doubt about the medical statement, the client must arrange medical clearance by a medical doctor before embarkation. We are not responsible if anybody cannot dive during the safari, due to doubts about his/her medical condition or being “Fit to Dive”.

• All divers should hold a valid diving insurance, with all details per person (translated in English by your insurance company if not already) stating the start and ending date of insurance coverage, with the exact diving related subjects covered by the police. However, such a insurance is not mandatory, just highly recommended! As We come under Egyptian law. There is no third-party liability insurance of European standard available in Egypt, which is why we strongly recommend holding sufficient and adequate personal accident, medical and travel insurance to cover all diving and non-diving risks involved with a boat trip.

• Guests that have not been diving for more than 1 year before check-in should complete a scuba review or refresher course signed in their logbook. Diving activities can be restricted if the guide has any doubts about diver’s safety and/or qualifications.

• LIABILITY RELEASE: All divers are required to sign a completed registration form/waiver prior to commencing diving activities. Students are also required to fill in an additional PADI liability release.


• Names and passport numbers must be sent min. 10 days before departure, or we cannot guarantee putting the boat out to sea on time.


• All required details to book the airport transfer must be sent a minimum of 2 weeks before arrival or we cannot be held responsible for punctual airport transfers.

Diving with your friends


o Our dive guide will present a detailed and comprehensive dive briefing for each dive site visited. The participation at the dive site briefings is mandatory for any person who want to do that dive.

o All divers are required to dive in a buddy team; for single divers a buddy will be allocated on board. The maximum depth for diving in the Red Sea is 40 meters unless you are a qualified Technical diver with an equally qualified buddy, and unless a diver specifically booked a “TECHNICAL SAFARI”. However, the individual maximum diving depth will be always dependent on the level of training and experience of each diver.

o On a normal charter booking technical dives are NOT allowed.

o Decompression dives are not permitted during recreational diving safaris.

o Solo diving is strictly prohibited.

o Our dive guides are the only responsible guides on board, only they can decide, whether, where and how sites are safe to dive, and only they can decide, whether individual divers can join certain or all dives or not, out of safety considerations. The decisions of our guides regarding dive plans, dive participation and dive conduction.

o Maximum 4 dives per day are offered during any safari, of which maximum three dives are conducted during the day, and only one dive might be done as night dive. On the last day of each safari there is no night dive, and maximum 2 day-dives (or less pending No-flight times. After daily consecutive diving during the safari, the last dive must be finished latest until 24 hours before flying. All the above numbers are the maximum numbers; there might be days with less than 3 dives, and there might be days without night dives. The responsible dive guide on board can restrict the amount of dives on a certain day out of safety considerations or for other important reasons, for example due to National Park restrictions (e.g. night dives are not allowed inside the Marine Parks), timing, weather conditions, diver’s level/abilities, flight or disembarkation times.

o Courses are available onboard to increase your training, pending routes and availability and should be booked in advance, if possible.

o All tanks have DIN fittings and International adapters are provided onboard. The boats have ample storage space for your equipment and there is a spare box on board. Please note that spare equipment is limited. For your own equipment please make sure it is well maintained and bring some essential basic spare parts for the brand used (e.g. O-rings, mask + fin straps…)

Safety Equipment: 

o Each diver is urgently advised to use a PERSONAL dive computer with every dive! Our dive guide has the right to not allow dives for buddy teams, which do not have at least one computer between them.

o Each diver is advised to carry a Surface Marker Buoy and 1 torch per buddy pair during all dives. (On night dives EVERY diver must carry at least on torch!) At least on SMB per buddy team is mandatory for any buddy teams, which do not dive under DIRECT supervision of the dive guide.

General Terms:

•Please note that diving after the consumption of alcohol is not allowed; divers should drink beer etc. only in the evening after the last dive, and also then only in moderation for those divers, who want to join the morning dive. Our dive guides are instructed to expel a diver from the morning dive, if there is the possibility of him/her being under the influence of alcohol from heavy drinking in the evening or night before. Note that our compulsory Boat Accident Insurance does not cover any accidents, which occur under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


• Nitrox is subject to availability and availability is not guaranteed. In case of technical problems refunds will be done only for the amount prepaid for Nitrox, no refund will be given on the charter price.

• Boat and dive crew tips are not included in the invoice. Please see recommendations further below.

• National Park Rules: National and Marine Park rules must strictly be obeyed. Any kind of fishing is strictly forbidden during a safari, regardless of the route.

• Children: No children under the age of 4 will be allowed on the boat. Children over the age of 4 years and up to 15 years must be supervised by a at least on parent or designated responsible adult AT ALL TIMES.

Useful Information:

• We highly recommend the use of a personal dive computer during any dive; also every diver should carry a Surface Marker Buoy and a torch. At least one person in each buddy team must carry a computer and an Surface Marker Buoy.

• Tipping Boat and dive crew tips are not mandatory, but are most welcome. Remember dive guides and crew are 24 hours on board for their guests, working hard. (We recommend a tip of €5 – €10 per diver per day for crew and dive guides. However, this is just a recommendation, and everybody is certainly free to tip as he wants.)

• Food & Drink: The meals onboard are usually buffet style with a variety of meat, chicken, fish, pasta, rice and vegetable dishes, plus a choice of salads. In the afternoon cookies or cake are served, biscuits and fruits are available 24 hours. We cater for all different preferences; please inform us prior to arrival about any special dietary requests, such as vegetarian, or about allergies. Mineral water, soft drinks, tea and Nescafe are complimentary and available 24 hours.

• Alcohol Drinking alcohol is allowed on board, however in moderation please. It is forbidden for all our divers to drink alcohol during the day, as long as dives are still planned; only after the last dive of the day moderate drinking can be accepted. Please note that we have and use the rights – with regards to international standards – to prevent any client from participating in diving activities, if he/she is considered a risk for him/herself or for the rest of the group. These rules follow the ISO standards and recommendations by diving insurances and diving medical doctors. Following the EUF regulations our dive guides will be held responsible if any dive or boat accident should occur, because a diver was not fit to dive due to alcohol influence. Therefore the dive guide has the right to restrict anybody from diving, if he/she is drinking any alcohol before diving. (It is very difficult to estimate, which person can tolerate which amount of drink, therefore we must put straight rules for everybody.) Also, please note also that our boat accident insurance does not pay in cases of accidents happening due to the influence of drug or alcohol consumption!

• Smoking Smoking is strictly forbidden in all cabins and the aisles (fire risk!), and, out of courtesy for other divers, also in the salon and dining room. Shisha (water pipes) are not allowed on board (fire risk + burning coal destroying the deck). Please do not toss cigarette butts into the sea!

• Boating attitude On a live-aboard safari different individuals stay together on a limited space for a longer period, some or all of them without knowing each other. This requires a certain care and politeness from everybody, staff and clients. Anti-social or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and individuals who cause a disturbance to other guests may be removed from the boat.

• Entertainment By default the nightly entertainment on a live-aboard is limited, ranging from night dives to watching films or simply relaxing on the sundeck while watching the night sky. Clients are welcome to bring favorite music or movies on board to watch and share.

• Electronic devises Please take care when charging electronic devises, as laptops, smart phones, torches, etc. Often the charger and/or the devise get very hot and can pose a severe fire risk, especially when placed on the mattresses in the cabins or salon, as e.g. laptops overheat when put on a soft surface. Never leave a charging devise unattended in your cabin! Preferably charge all devises in the salon, where you find a lot of sockets; torches can also be charged in the ‘pigeon holes’ on the dive deck.

• WiFi We offer Free WiFi on our boat up to maximum 6 GB per week, however, availability is not guaranteed. Please note that during a safari an internet connection cannot be guaranteed; several dive sites are outside mobile network coverage.

• Air-conditioning The Boat is equipped to provide 24h air-conditioning in cabins or the salon. During the day and during tank filling time it is normally restricted to either cabins or salon. But please note that efficiency may vary at times; there might be unexpected conditions, which can restrict power availability, so we cannot guarantee cooling around the clock. However, under normal circumstances full air-conditioning can be supplied during the whole trip.

• Linen service: We provide every guest with a face and a shower towel for each trip. These towels and the bed sheets are changed once during a one-week safari, and can be changed more on demand. The housekeeping crew will clean the cabins daily, generally after the first or second dive. If you require any additional cleaning or if you have a complain, please tell it dive guide, who will try to solve the problem ASAP. We advise to bring a personal ‘beach’ towel to use for the dive and sun deck.


700 EU. Does not Include: Transportation, 15 ltr tanks, Equipment, Tips.

Payment: 25% Due immediately. 75%due latest 2 weeks before departure.

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