Stay on Site at Mirage Village

It’s the ultimate all-in-one vacation when you dive, eat and stay at the same place! For the complete experience, we recommend Mirage Village, a Bedouin-run hotel, with a restaurant right by the beach and a wonderful dive center. Let’s break down why you should choose Mirage Village for your next getaway. 
Our dive center is a certified 5 Star PADI Dive Center and provides you with outstanding service and resources. You can explore the Red Sea, reaching great depths, or stay shallow and experience coral reefs that are teeming with a rich variety of marine life. Our experienced instructors will ensure you have the most memorable and safe dive – we offer guided tours too! After your dive, why not visit the cozy restaurant and refuel with international or traditional local dishes? 
Not only is Mirage Village the perfect place to dive, but it also boasts comfortable accommodations. You can choose from family, double and single rooms, all spacious and with private bathrooms. Complete with air conditioning and Wi-Fi, you can make yourself at home. 
So what makes Mirage Village stand out from other beach hotels? Well, it’s the complete package — your home away from home. The perfect balance between marine adventure and beach relaxation. We offer a variety of activities on and away from the beach, such as introductory dive lessons, boat rides and specialty courses. Plus, if you’re looking for some retail therapy, visit our Bedouin-souvenir shop and pick up traditional items like jewelry and clothing. 
If you’re looking for a vacation that offers a little bit of everything — diving, eating, staying, and having fun — look no further than Mirage Village. Our experienced and friendly staff are here to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Contact us for more information on diving and staying at Mirage Village. We can’t wait to welcome you!